I remember smelling my great aunt's coffee on the way to my uncle's funeral at the tender age of 7 and thinking it was the best thing I had ever smelled. I have always loved deep rich flavors, sights and smells. A smokey scotch, a peppery rich port, a rish sweet espresso roasted coffee bean, the soft, lush, deep flavor of a good cigar. The beauty of the tragic heroine. Deep accents and dark, rich colors are a trademark of my paintings. The chiaroscoro in a painting or picture is necessary to satisfy my aesthetical cravings. These are all things that are antithetical to my upbringing and yet supremely satisfying and comforting to me. I recognized these senses and feelings early on in my life but it took years for me to homogenize them into my reality. So many experiences that define me and are denied so many. I feel for them... there is so much out there to experience, taste, explore.